Our aim is to recycle 90% of all rubbish on the campsite.

Any plastic/cellophane used on site is recyclable or compostable, and we encourage all guests to recycle.ā€‹

At Mad Hatters Campsite we are a single-use plastic-free campsite and encourage our campers to use reusable drinks cups and containers

There are 4 bins provided for plastic, tin/metal, glass, and a composting bin for all food waste and shredded paper, whilst we also use trays for old newspapers and magazines.

All toilet rolls are from GreenCane made from 100% sugarcane and bamboo fibre. All hand wash on site is from Ecoleaf

We will be running art fun days through the year using recycled materials

Electric for the Reception building and Queen of Hearts Cabin is run on solar, whilst we plan to change the toilet facilities in 2020 to solar.