As an active member of Ely Nature Friendly Farming Zone, we are striving to increase the biodiversity of the farms, and connect our wildlife habitats with our neighbouring farmers. If you are interested in more information on the group of farmers and the wildlife currently residing in the area, with regular updates and local photographs which we have all taken please visit our facebook page Ely nature-friendly farming zone. Our main drivers are to not only increase the number of endangered bird species, but also other native species which are under threat such as water voles and pollinators. The RSPB have been a huge help in creating the group, and attend our meetings.​

There is a wealth of information on the internet on how we can all help our local native wildlife, and reduce our environmental impact – one simple way to reduce our carbon food print is to support locally grown and produced food – which will be fresher and seasonal, and allowing wildflowers to grow in our gardens and field boundaries.

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