Frankincense Intense™ Cleansing Melt


Discover visibly smoother, softer skin every time you cleanse with our Frankincense Intense™ Cleansing Melt. Complete your Frankincense Intense™ beauty routine with our luxurious triple-textured cleanser. Specially formulated to melt away everyday impurities, including long wear and waterproof make-up, our certified organic cleanser will leave skin feeling smooth, soft and renewed. Cleanses A micro-emulsion of natural sugars and oils bind with water to give a triple-texture effect, melting away even waterproof make-up, for skin that feels intensely cleansed, without drying. Renews A luxurious blend of organic sunflower, sweet almond and refined coconut oils combine to help trap moisture within the skin’s surface to leave skin feeling soft, supple and renewed. Enhances wellbeing Soothes your senses with our Boswellia sacra (frankincense) essential oil, treasured for centuries for its deeply relaxing aroma. PROOF ORGANIC WORKS Clinically proven to moisturise skin for up to 12 hours. After first use 85% agree their skin feels renewed 91% agree their skin feels softer After 2 weeks 86% agree their skin looks smoother 91% agree their skin feels nourished Based on a consumer trial with 67 women Frankincense Intense™ mindful cleansing ritual Create a moment of mindfulness in six simple steps every morning and evening. 1. Warm a small amount if cleansing melt in the palm of your hand. 2. Close your eyes and inhale the therapeutic aroma for a few moments. 3. Massage into dry skin using an upwards and outwards circular motion, taking care around the delicate eye area. 4. Continue to massage until the rich cleansing gel melts into a skin-conditioning oil. 5. Apply warm water to your face to transform the oil into a creamy milk emulsion. 6. Rinse with warm water until skin is clean and pat dry. “This is a joy to use, and glides effortlessly over my skin. I’m used to cleansing products leaving an almost squeaky feel to the skin, but this leaves my skin feeling moisturised, condi

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