Bee Lovely All Over Balm


This deeply nourishing, organic body balm instantly relieves dry and rough patches of skin such as elbows, feet and knees. Easily absorbed, with the uplifting aroma of organic orange essential oil, it’s perfect for keeping the whole family soft and beautifully scented. Bee Lovely and help Save the Bees Support 100’s of bees with every Bee Lovely All Over Balm, as 3% of sales from our Bee Lovely range goes to charities that help protect this humble, vital insect. To find out exactly how this balm supports the bees, see our Save the Bees campaign. Multi-purpose body balm Deeply nourishing Soothing and comforting Absorbs easily onto skin Uplifting orange essential oil Create a home for 100’s of bees when you buy me! 99% organic Based on consumer trials on 60 people Good for the bees, good for Ghana The main charity that we support through sales of our Bee Lovely range is Bees for Development, which has introduced bee colonies into cashew orchards in Ghana to boost harvests, after low yields were found to be a result of poor pollination. This unique project benefits both bee populations and farmers and the results are staggering, with yields doubling in previous studies, plus farmers earn valuable additional income from honey. Bees for Development identify and support cashew growers who are most vulnerable and most in need. Last year we donated £9, 000 to the project to begin providing training, support and hives for the cashew farmers. Over the next year we want to raise a further £26, 000 for this project through sales of our Bee Lovely collection, to support 100 cashew farmers to each install ten hives.

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